Maya Kramer

Maya Kramer

Clinical Assistant Professor of Arts

BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art, MFA, Hunter College
Research Areas: 
Contemporary Art, Materiality, Installation and Sculpture, Land Art, Environmental Art, Controversial Exhibitions, Drawing.


Maya Kramer is an artist, educator, arts consultant, and writer with nearly twenty years of international arts experience. In her work, she focuses on humanity’s fraught relationship to the environment through immersive and sometimes mechanical installations and an idiosyncratic approach to materiality. Drawing on a line of inquiry that runs from Romanticism to Land Art and beyond, she employs pollutants such as coal, laundry detergent, and Freon to create pieces that highlight the limits of human reason and explore the emotional tenor of living out of sync with the natural world.

She has shown her work at Capsule Gallery, Hong Kong Art Center, Long Museum, China Art Museum, Platform Gallery, and in conjunction with the Shanghai Gallery of Art and Van Abbe Museum, among others. She graduated with a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2000 and obtained an MFA from Hunter College in 2006. She was an NYU Critical Collaborations Fellow 16-18’ and a recipient of the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship. Her works have been featured in media such as Cobo Social, Fortune Art, Randian and Blouin Art Info.

In addition to her practice, Kramer has worked as a writer, art consultant and in curatorial capacities.  She was based in New York for nine years where she worked in the curatorial department of the Guggenheim Museum and later with the notable collector David Teiger.  In 2009, she moved to Shanghai and consulted with the Shanghai Gallery of Art and W hotels. She is a regular contributor to frieze magazine and Cobo Social, and on occasion writes catalog essays.  Through her various roles in the art world, Kramer has amassed a rich and interconnected body of knowledge and experience that informs her art practice and aids her in helping students develop their own work. Website:
Maya Kramer Classes:

Course Name: Mark Making: From Basic Drawing Skills to Contemporary Approaches to Drawing

Course Code: ART-SHU 275 1

Course Description

Drawing is one of the earliest ways humans attempted to understand the world, and even today it remains a remarkable tool for perceiving, recording, negotiating, and inventing our relationship with our surroundings. Drawing is not a privilege of the talented but a teachable skill acquired through the continued practice of specific techniques.  In the first half of this course, students will learn basic drawing methods such as contour, gesture, negative space, value and perspective, and will study why and how these techniques aid draughts persons in creating a three-dimensional illusion on a surface.  In the second half of this course. students will examine contemporary drawing concerns and tackle two longer drawing projects centered around narrative and different materials and drawing methods. At the end of this course, students will have improved their drawing ability, learned some of the ways artists have practiced and conceptualized drawing and started to build their own personal visual vocabulary and approaches to the medium.  Please note, that this syllabus is a guide and the instructor reserves the right to adjust it as needed. Any changes to the syllabus will be announced in class and students will be responsible for such changes.