Bring your love of music to NYU Shanghai

Music is one of the most communicative and shared art forms throughout humanity and the course of time. A universal language that speaks to and for the individual and all manner of groups and communities, it is a recognized an essential and integral part of higher education.  With instruction ranging from private and group lesson to Chamber Orchestra and Chorale and courses such as the Structure of Music, The Music of Shanghai and Music of the 20th Century, NYU Shanghai provides opportunities to learn new skills, continue prior study, interact with and experience the vibrant music community in Shanghai and explore music from different perspectives and as an integral part of your identity, your environment and your voice in the global community.


Three featured students:


Zane Fadul, Computer Science, Fort Lee, NJ, USA


"Ever since kindergarten, I always took part in choral singing, and in middle school, I took up the trumpet. Although I am a Computer Science major, music has always been an important part of my identity and my life. Music—no matter what genre or where in the world you find it—has the ability to stir the soul, and I think that nothing else on Earth has such power. The opportunity to join my classmates in song every Monday evening has made my experience at NYU even richer."


Leyi Sun (Vera), Computer Science/Business and Finance, Beijing, China

“I have always enjoyed studying both music and computer science but recently the two came together in a very unique way. I began to think about the effect of the piano pedals and joined in a research project that uses math and computer science to explore the role of pedals in performance. The more I play and experiment with the pedals the more I become interested in using codes and math to analyze pedals in multiple forums. Studying the piano has not only provided me with a means to express myself artistically but to look at the function of the instrument in service of the music from a unique perspective. Moreover, studying piano empowers me to take chances, trust my instincts and have more confidence expressing myself in public.”


Jamie Cantwell, Data Science, Seattle, WA, USA

“Throughout middle school and high school, I played the violin in both school and outside orchestras. When I came to NYU Shanghai, I was elated to find out that I could continue playing in the school’s Chamber Ensemble. Because of this ensemble, I’ve found a community of people with all different majors, interests, and backgrounds, but who all have one thing in common: music. Each class meeting, I can take my mind off of studying and make music with the diverse group of people that make up our ensemble—it’s inspiring to work with people who have studied a variety of genres, all to different levels, but all share the same passion for music.”