Unlinked - An Exhibition by IMA Fellows

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An Exhibition by IMA Fellows

April 22nd - April 29th, 2021

This is an exhibition composed of a collection of photo albums in which people are missing, a stereoscopic 3D immersive environment, a series of 3D artworks exploring femininity and trauma, an educational wearable device for vocal training, a chair, a two-channel HD video of trips around the inner ring road in Shanghai pointing at the city’s GDP center, a curiosity-driven generative art series, and an augmented vision system that integrates thermal environment sensing and real-time geolocation data logging-visualization. They are mostly unlinked to each other.

Artists: Jasper Wang/王睿, Jingtian Zong/宗景天, Linda László, Marina Victoria Pascual, Yinmiao Li/李寅淼, Yufeng Zhao/赵钰沣, Zeping Fei/费泽平 

Featured Works:

Jasper Wang, XI, 2021, Rubber Wood, Vectorworks, CNC, Digital Fabrication, Industrial Design, Furniture Design;

Yinmiao Li, Haptic Breath Guidance Device, 2020, Digital Fabrication, Microcontroller, Sensors;

Jingtian Zong, China: Some Forgotten Memories, 2021, Photo Album, Photos on Transparent Film Sheets;

Jingtian Zong, A Little Red Book, 2020, Mini photo album;

Yufeng Zhao, Unhinged, 2021, Abandoned Car Door, Digital Video Projection;

Jingtian Zong & Yufeng Zhao, Academic Academic Academic 1.0, 2021, Essay Generator, Website;

The work "Academic Academic Academic 1.0 " is accessible at https://aaa-paper-generator.herokuapp.com/

Jingtian Zong & Yufeng Zhao, UNLINKED Posters, 2021, Machine-generated images based on provided keywords by artists;

Phyllis Fei, CoronaHack, 2020, Digital Fabrication, Assorted Sensors, Microcontroller, Real-time Data Visualization;

Phyllis Fei, SeriesZoneX, 2021, Digital Print, Dimension Variable;

Marina Victoria Pascual, Extensions, 2020 - 2021, Digital Print;

Linda Laszlo, Portrait 1 - Sean Connery, 2020, Digital Print; Linda Laszlo, Portrait 2 - Girl in Purple, 2020, Digital Print; Linda Laszlo, Portrait 3 - Girl in Water, 2020, Digital Print.

Exhibition View: