NYUSH has a robust and growing dance program committed to fostering excellence and discipline, providing a platform for self-discovery and empowerment.  We offer classes in Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Chinese Minority & Folk Dance, and Choreography & Performance.  Students can Minor in Dance through classes offered at NYUSH which all count towards the Cross-School Dance Minor, hosted by Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. 

Our program is centered around the application of creative learning and participation in the end of the semester dance concerts. In addition, our students have performed alongside faculty at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, the ShanghART Gallery, the West Bund Art Center, the Long Museum, the Power Station of Art and the Glass Museum.

In addition to our curriculum we also offer the opportunity to students to work collaboratively through our Dance for Camera series. This exciting new genre allows our students to make dance films with those in our surrounding community, alongside museum curators, and with well-known artists.


Three featured students:

Charcy Ye, NYU Class of 2019


"I have always enjoyed dancing since I grew up, but not until I joined the Choreography class did I truly understand the powerful elevation one can obtain from creating the art of dance. Throughout participating in choreographing, dancing, performing, collaborating with classmates, and learning about dance as art and history, I have truly seen myself flourish not only in the realm of dance but also someone who understands one has unlimited potential and more importantly, the only limit we have is ourselves. I am now someone who is more fearless in life!"


Jaeven Aylor, Class of 2021


"Before NYU Shanghai, I had never tried or even thought about dance. I tested the waters with it my sophomore year and fell in love with the art form. Taking more dance classes was a natural continuation from my budding contemporary experience and with the knowledge I gained from there I was able to and felt the desire to do more and create more and make something that at least in part I could call my own. All I can say is I want to do it all over again."


Liang Xiao, Class of 2022


"As a philosophy student, I was so convinced that all there is to be learned, discovered, and created in the world was only through thinking, preferably in solitude and silence. As I get more involved in dance, that perspective has changed drastically. Dance, too, is an intelligent act: there’s so much intuition, attention and intelligence involved in executing one movement, not to mention making the whole choreography. Dance is social as well: it seeks to communicate between fellow dancers and the audience through the vulnerable yet strong bodies. Taking dance classes always reminds me that the distinction between mind and body is less clear-cut than historically it is taken to be."